What Is the Medical Definition of a Suspension

In cars and some other vehicles, the suspension (or suspension system) is the collective system (of parts such as springs and shock absorbers) that supports the body of the vehicle and is designed to reduce the amount of irregularities transmitted from the wheels to the rest of the vehicle. In the context of chemistry, a suspension is a particle that hangs only in a liquid, undissolved. (When the suspension is left alone, the particles eventually settle on the ground.) Essentially, they placed a series of solar panels in the form of a suspension bridge over the elevator. The chyloid exudates are milky mainly from suspended proteides or fine dbris of degraded cells. „Shoutout to Galloway for the re-paving of the Jimmie Leeds road, the suspension of my car thanks you“ This second meaning is the basis for the most common use of the suspension – a temporary interruption. In the suspension bridge, iron or steel can be used in its strongest form, namely hard stretched wire. Definition name, plural: suspensions (1) (biochemistry) State in which the particles of a substance are dispersed but not completely dissolved in a liquid; the substance in that state. (2) (general) The act or condition of a temporary interruption; an interruption. Food supplement A suspension contains particles that are mixed by stirring and dispersed in the liquid. If allowed to settle, the particles can be seen on the ground. Some medications are available as an oral suspension.

Therefore, these drugs should be taken by first shaking the vial with the suspension. Compare: Barcelona won`t have Arturo Vidal or Sergio Busquets due to a suspension, and I think Ousmane Dembélé may still be recovering from an injury. In retrospect, however, he believes that the suspension „had a positive effect on the fraternal community.“ „This is not a guilty verdict, nor is it a suspension of any other canonical punishment,“ Canary wrote. Next, the scientists directed short pulses of low-intensity ultrasound on this suspension. In 1850, a suspension bridge in Angers gave way when 487 soldiers stepped on it and 226 were killed. Several parents spoke of kindergarten suspensions that lasted for years with their children. In 2017, the law was amended to stipulate that it would allow „the temporary suspension of telecommunications services.“ Automatic misconduct of the game, blocking of 5 games and maximum fine for combat. t.co/BM4QeBAkzC In chemistry, suspension most often refers to a liquid or other substance in which solid particles are mixed but not dissolved – muddy water is a basic example. Suspension is the noun form of the verb suspend. The most common and general meanings of hanging are to hang something by attaching it to something else, to make it stop, to immobilize it or to postpone it. Most suspension meanings are based in one way or another on these suspension meanings.

When we left Conway, we crossed the suspension bridge and paid a good toll for this privilege. „Oral suspension Merriam-Webster.com Medical Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, www.merriam-webster.com/medical/oral%20suspension. Retrieved 14 January 2022. In music, suspension refers to delaying the end of a note in one chord so that it moves to the next chord. She pointed out several reasons why suspensions could occur. Suspension most often means an interruption or restriction of something, especially temporary, as in The Parade requires a temporary suspension of traffic. Some suspension bridges collapsed as a result of vibrations caused by the bodies of men walking together. This suspension, Masters said, was imposed on ARNN by dial Global`s lawsuit. Subscribe to America`s largest dictionary and get thousands of additional definitions and advanced search – ad-free! The suspension of the activities of United Nations observers in Syria is a dramatic illustration of the crisis of peace efforts. The Security Council must act. Bioconversion of (+)- and (-)-alpha-pinene to (+)- and (-)-verbenon by plant cell cultures of Psychotria brachyceras and Rauvolfia sellowii — Stockton Confessions (@StoConfessed) October 3, 2014.

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